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The Templo Espiritual Maria Santíssima is a non-profit ecumenical religious house whose objective is the experience of unconditional love taught by Jesus Christ.

TEMS works so that peace and noble feelings remain in all its frequenters and volunteers, taking spiritual help to each one, without distinction of colour, belief, gender or ideology. Besides helping in the healing of the spiritual body, it provides assistance to the community, taking material food to hundreds of needy families in the region.

The journey of the


On the 18th day of May of the year 2000, the journey of the Maria Santíssima Spiritual Temple began, fulfilling the resolutions of the Blessed Mother, Our Mother, intercessor of Humanity. Francisca Ferreira and Edna Maria Bosso Parmegiani were present on that day, witnesses that were when the spiritual order to start this House came. On this day, through the mediumship of Gilberto Rissato, on a Thursday, at 8:00 p.m., our Brother Adolfo Schultz pronounced himself saying:

"With great joy, today we announce that the newest House of spiritual assistance to the needy brothers on Earth is open".

And completing he said:
"No House on Earth owns the spirits. The spiritual commitment does not depend on where you are. The works cannot stop. The works are open."

Our Brother Bezerra de Menezes, General Governor of the Spiritual Works, went to the front and appointed a group of brothers to start the work with the mediums who were going to work in the new House on Earth.

It was a little difficult to gather everyone together because it was difficult to find them ready, as many were shaken in their faith. It was then that he called Brother Adolfo Schultz and entrusted him to convince the medium Gilberto Rissato to start the mediumistic activities of help. All those committed to this noble cause were brought in one by one. Said Brother Adolfo Schultz:

"Themedium is ready again for us to start again with the care work. Today we have renewed our commitment to our Blessed Mother Mary. The mission of this House is to reunite, regroup, redirect and re-spiritualise the family breasts with the Message of the Christ of God on Earth in His Gospel, with humility as the basis, discipline as the rule, perseverance as the objective, are fundamental points for a spirit in any condition in which it finds itself, to achieve the desired objective."

Thus, the Meetings started in the residences kindly lent by several brothers, whom we mention by way of thanks: Gilberto Rissato, Francisca Ferreira, Vanilda and Alziro Gottardi Correia, Edna and José Antonio Parmegiani, Neide and Domingos Bosso, Elvira Marchi Parmegiani and in the office of Vhision 2000.

Brother Adolfo Schultz sought the help of the spiritual brothers: Gypsies, Protectors, Pretos Velhos, Caboclos and Masters of the Great White Universal Fraternity to undertake the great journey. Today, this Sacred House of Mary shelters men and women from all walks of life bringing Peace to the hearts.

Our thanks to these two great spirits: Brother Adolfo Schultz and Jésus Gonçalves, ahead of this magnificent cause for the Christ of God.

In addition, TEMS is the founder of the Hope Colony Institute and the Sara Kali Shrine, which are located in Pouso Alegre/MG.


Gilberto Rissato

Material Manager

Adolfo Schultz

Spiritual director


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  • We also have a blog with a variety of content. There are 12 columns with a spiritualist vision, to stimulate reflection, enhance your studies and assist in personal transformation.
  • With exclusivity, the PLAY TEMSpodcasts, a platform with podcasts, programmes and talks with spiritual teachings, which can also be heard on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Deezer and Google Podcasts.
  • In digital and printed format, the Jornal Luz Nas Sombras brings, free and quarterly, the news and the schedule of spiritual and social services, courses and events of TEMS, as well as spiritual messages and articles with the purpose of enlightening hearts.
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An agricultural project, inaugurated in 2010, that brings the city man back to nature.


The place where devotees of the Patroness of Gypsies can express their faith and thanksgiving.


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